It is critical that your builder be involved at the design phase of your project. Whether your planned build is new construction or a remodeling renovation project, only an involved, experienced builder can keep your project on budget. Architects and designers rarely know the costs of building or remodeling. Your builder's primary service to you must be to ensure that the final design can be built within your budget limitations.

Most remodeling and building contractors claim to provide full design build services. Almost none of them have staff designers or architects. The others subcontract your design services to independent architects and interior design firms at a marked up cost. We produce our designs in-house with staff architectural design professionals. If an architect is required, we refer one of our approved vendors and they work directly for you, with our supervision, at their cost. As with all of our services, we never mark up their price. You always pay builder's cost.

Our new designs below were created with specific budget numbers in mind. As an experienced design builder with hundreds of completed projects in our history, we design based upon how our clients plan to occupy the space. The important features, often overlooked by the traditional architect or builder, are given priority in our designs. Closets, large kitchens with limited cross traffic, space optimization, large bedrooms, large pantries, space optimizing cabinet configuration, and generous outdoor entertaining areas are chief among our considerations when we design a project.

Review the designs below for examples of what we have acheived for our clients.